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Why Western girls hate Thailand and especially Thai Girls.

by: Dao Jones
They deserve all they get!
I was approached by a western girl in Phuket
who was obviously having a hard time with the lack of attention.

She almost threw herself at me and said quietly in my ear that she and her mate were out looking to get laid. I was in the star wars nightclub at the time in patong surrounded by few hundred Thai lovelies.

Back in England obviously i thought it would be a dream come true to get a girl acting like this. However in Thailnd we have the upper hand so i decided to use it.

I told her if that was the case that she was maybe in the wrong place and perhaps she should try her luck elsewhere. She looked like i had thrown molten metal in her face. This was beginning to give me far more enjoyment than shagging her ever would.

'What do you mean', she responded.
"I mean look around you' I relpied and pointed to all the Thai girls.

I continued to tell her how the arrogance of the western female had become increasingly offputting and thats why most males in the know were now coming to Thailand.

She then tried to come over all softly, softly and tried to explain she wasn't one of these types. She then put her arms around me and whispered 'please' in my ear.

I was loving this. I finally pushed her away and said that i wasn't the slight bit interested.
I could see her the tears of humility rise in her eyes and then she stormed off.

I felt a feeling of power wash over me that I'd never felt before.
Western females do this to men all the time in the west and it was superb to be able to enact the same punishment.

She was lucky though. i could of got her to buy me drinks all night whilst pretending to be interested and then gone off with someone else and the end of the night!

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