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An Extended Christmas Animation

by: Nashville
According to the blog entitled “Animation” which was posted by Neil last December 2, 2004 at, someone spent way too long on a Christmas Flash animation. You can actually view the animation at It was definitely enjoyable and entertaining! The animator used the song “Last Christmas” by Beatles as the background for the animated Christmas music video.

I must say that the one who made this animation has already mastered the Flash software. For your information, Flash is a powerful software program that can be used to create animated movies that are small in file size, load quickly, and incorporate user interaction and sound. Apparently, it may appear to be a relatively simple program because of its few tools compared to other software programs. However, a world of complex authoring structures, advanced techniques, and sophisticated effects begins to unfold as one learns more about Flash.

Regarding the creator of this animation, he certainly has a good combination of images, graphics and sounds in this masterpiece. He must have used his creativity and imagination meticulously in this animation. I was really impressed with the way it was created. It’s very fascinating.

With what I’ve seen, I’m looking forward to see your other creations, too. I hardly find experts in this software application and whenever I do, I’m always impressed with their works of art. You’ll get two thumbs up from me.

To the creator of this Christmas animation, I only have three words for you. “You definitely rock!” Keep it up, dude! Godspeed!

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