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Gift of the month clubs: The lazy man's guide to gift giving

by: Allen Shaw
If you are like me and are a very lousy shopper and always end up getting everyone the wrong gift at Christmas time, think about a Gift-of-the-Month Club. G.O.M Clubs have all the things the lazy gift giver requires: Ease of purchase, no shopping at the dreaded mall and an almost guaranteed positive response accompanied by a monthly "At-A-Boy" from the recipient. And there are plenty of clubs to choose from for everyone on your gift-giving list.

First, you have to know your giftee. For instance, my dad is an avid coffee drinker. For him a coffee of the month club would be perfect…and there are plenty of choices. At there are 12 different coffee clubs. You can choose anything from flavored coffees to dark roasts to a monthly sampler. Prices range from $60 to $100.

However, coffee clubs aren't the only types of gift of the month clubs. You can get Fruit-of-the-Month clubs for the vegetarian in your life. Flower-of-the-Month clubs are popular with husbands and boyfriends who are constantly screwing up. Sign up your significant other for any of the many Flower-of-the-Month clubs and you have a ready set apology landing at her doorstep every 30 days.

There are a number of other clubs for everyone in your life: Gag-of-the-Month clubs for the prankster in your life; Wine-of-the-Month clubs for the wannabe wine connoisseur; Beer-of-the-Month clubs for the sports fan; Chocolate-of-the-Month clubs for the addicted; Pizza-of-the-Month clubs for the teen or college student; and Cigar-of-the-Month clubs for Granddad.

But how do you decide the best club? The Internet is always a good place to start your research. Go to any search engine and type in Gift of the Month clubs. You will find nearly 1,000 sites trying to sell you everything from DVDs to practical jokes…all shipped monthly to the recipient of your choice.

However, you need to read the payment and delivery plans carefully. Many DVD and CD plans require that you put in a lot of work, sending back a card every month telling them if you want their monthly selection. If you forget, you are stuck with whatever they send. But worse than that, the recipient of your "gift" is stuck with the bill. Is that really a gift?

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